Distributing hygiene care packets to children gives us a chance to let them know that there are so many people to want to see them succeed. The children ask us a lot of questions about the charity, our donors, and places where we have served children.

At Seneca & Freeman family shelters in New York, we provide families with diapers and wipes several times a year.  We have also partnered with organizations in Orlando to do the same.  Diapers are a necessary item, but currently, there is no assistance that includes diapers for children. 

During our week in Santiago, Panama, we spend time with malnourished children – we give them our love, feed them, play with them. We get so much joy from the children and it is always sad when we return the following year to see some of the same faces……that means the children are not well to leave Nutre Hogar.

In Jaipur, India, our Ambassador Preeti helps us with all our projects.  She visits the children at Aashray, Sewa Bal Bharti, Taabar, and Uma Bal Bharti regularly to not only provide them with hygiene care items, food, shoes & socks, clothing, and school supplies, but also to give them love and kindness.

In Cap Haitien, Haiti, we serve children at Maison DeBenedictis.  The children stay at the Maison during the week while their parents works.  It is challenging for the parents to bring the children each week due to the discrimination towards disabled persons. Your support allows us to help the children with much needed essential items.

In addition to serving almost 2,000 children in Haiti, India, Panama, and the US (Orlando & New York) regularly, we also subsribe to a “Travel with a Purpose” strategy, which has allowed us to serve children in 12 countries. It doesn’t take much time, but the joy you will experience from helping children will make your travels memorable and purposeful.  If you plan to travel and want to take a little time to help children, please contact us.