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Thank you to our CLIMBING Everest (Base Camp) for Kids individual donors & business sponsors!

100% of YOUR contributions we receive directly benefit underserved children!! 

Thank you to our CLIMBING Kilimanjaro for Kids individual donors and business sponsors!       

100% of YOUR contributions we receive directly benefit underserved children!!  

        This is why we do it…….. pure joy!            The handshake that captivated the children at Camilla House in Sri Lanka (2015)

A message from the children at Ivey Lane Elementary school in the US (2021)

con los niños at Nutre Hogar in Santiago, Panama

A Childhood for Children was honored with  a Crystal Award from Orange County Public Schools as a Partner in Education of The Year for our service to the children of Ivey Lane Elementary in Orlando, Florida. 

Jiah's b'day wish


Jiah donates her B'day

One of our youngest volunteers, Miss. Jiah, told her Mom what she wanted for her 7th birthday. So, we were immensely touched when this letter, along with a check, arrived.

Jiah’s genrosity sparked a giving campaign raising almost $2,500, which equal over 800 hygiene packets!

Your support inspires us Jiah!


Superstar Jiah!

Jiah (in pink shoes) & her family volunteering in Orlando.

Mohnish's b'day wish

Mohnish donates his B'day!

For Mohnish’s 10th birthday, he decided to “let his friends donate to a charity instead of giving me gifts for my 10th birthday”.

His proud parents (Thara & Rishi) are strong supporters of our work telling us they are comforted to know they can also help through us and reach “the little innocent souls living in difficult situations”. So, as you can see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We LOVE our “Apples” and “Trees”, and hope Mohnish has the best 10th birthday party ever!

Happy birthday & High Five — You inspire us!!

Mohnish & family

In Orlando, FL, we currently serve the children of Ivey Lane and Lovell Elementary schools, providing hygiene packets in the spring and in the fall. We spend time with the children, ask them to believe in themselves, encourage, educate, and empower them. 

In Orlando, FL, we currently partner with the Community Coordinated Care for Children (“4C”) to provide families with diapers several times a year. Diapers are a necessary item, but currently, there is no assistance program that includes diapers for children.

In Santiago, Panama, we spend time with malnourished children – we give them our love, feed them, play with them. We get so much joy from the children and it is always sad when we return the following year to see some of the same faces……that means the children are not well to leave Nutre Hogar.

In Jaipur, India, our Ambassadors Preeti and Rashmi share love and encouragement with children.  They visit the children at Bal Basera, Sneh Shiksha, and Uma Bal Bharti regularly, to provide them with hygiene care items, food, shoes & socks, clothing, and school supplies. They also to educate and empower them.

In the past, we supported over 800 children in Arusha and Moshi in Tanzania by providing them with notebooks and pencils. Our first projects in TZ was in 2021 when our Board members John and Radhika traveled to Tanzania for our Climbing Kilimanjaro for Kids campaign. We joined forces with Fredy Ngowi and Mr. Chomoko in TZ to distributed the school supplies to the children directly!! 

In Cap Haitien, Haiti, we served children at Maison DeBenedictis.  The children stay at the Maison during the week while their parents work.  It is challenging for the parents to bring the children each week due to the discrimination towards disabled persons. Your support allowed us to help the children with much-needed essential items.

In addition to having regularly supported thousands of children in Haiti, India, Panama, and the US regularly, we also subscribe to a “Travel with a Purpose” strategy, which has allowed us to serve children around the world. It doesn’t take much time, but the joy you will experience from helping children will make your travels memorable and purposeful.  If you plan to travel and want to take a little time to help children, please contact us.