The 2nd quarter projects for the 3 children's schools and home took place in March. Hygiene products, towels & linens, food items plus school supplies were distributed to the children.

We appreciate and thank our supporters for without their generosity we simply could not provide these basic needs to the children that lack them. 

Jaipur, India

Nairobi, Kenya

Jaipur, India

In April, A Childhood for Children was at Ivey Lane Elementary School to provide hygiene care products to the children of the 3rd and 4th grades. Our new Board member, Rose Mills, partnered with project manager and Board Secretary, John De Silva, co-managing the project as her first hands-on experience with the charity. She enjoyed her experience and looks forward to many more.

Also in December, A Childhood for Children partnered with Ryan LLC, to provide diapers to the families with babies & toddlers at Seneca House. We conduct several projects here each year, and we and the families were fortunate that Ryan LLC wished to join us in helping these babies and their families get back on their feet.

The folks from Ryan LLC were touched by the children and the parents that expressed their gratitude and kindness to all that came, as they colored and made drawings with the children, and provided snacks and drinks for all.

Bronx, New York

Orlando, Florida

Our first project where all of A Childhood for Children's board members participated was this one at Ivey Lane Elementary on December 20th! We provided hygiene care items to all of the students from grade 2 to 5. We also provided 2 bars of soap to each child in 1st grade.

Each year, we conduct 2 projects here, the other being a jacket/sweater project leading up to winter.

If you live in the central Florida area and know of a children's shelter we can partner with, let us know by using the "Contact Us" page here on our website.

Orlando, Florida

100% of your donation is spent on the children. All expenses are covered by the Board of Directors.

Our 4th quarter project and final one for 2017 provided over 700 children with hygiene care items, school supplies, and food staples. Preeti, our Ambassador in Jaipur, continues to serve these children from poor neighborhoods, some without parents, and children living in a home for children impacted by HIV. And thanks to our generous donors, we will be able to help them well into 2018.

Meet Germalise, from Sanitago, Panama

The children we support live in orphanages or are from impoverished backgrounds. While some have families, most of those parents or guardians struggle to care for the children. 

It is important to us to provide the much needed essentials, as well as time and our love to the children. Despite language barriers in places outside the US, we manage to talk to the children, asking their names, what they want to be when they grow up, what their favorite color is, favorite sport and school subject. We play and joke with them, give hugs and high fives, and tell them the importance of studies in order to make a good life for themselves. Often, the children want to show us their drawings or want to sing & dance for us.  It may not seem like much, but the children appreciate and cherish the time we spend with them. On each project, our local Ambassadors show compassion and understanding to the children, so that they know there are people who care about them. ​This is equally important as the things we provide.

Germalise, pronounced Yam-a-lees, has been at Nutre Hogar, a home in Santiago, Panama, for malnourished children, for about 9 months. The children mostly come from the rural mountain area hours east of Santiago, where subsistence farmers live. We first met her back in November of 2015 when she was a relative newcomer to Nutre Hogar. She never moved from where she was placed on the floor, having no strength to crawl or walk. She never uttered a sound. She just sat, staring blankly. Now, she walks on her own, speaks, reacts to the adults and other children. She will soon be well enough to go home. These are the children you help us serve with your generous support, and we thank you for it!

Child Spotlight

The Lives We Impact

On December 30th, our Ambassador Rakesh Jobanputra and his family visited a home for abandoned babies, spending the day with them and providing diapers, sheets, and cot mattresses. This is the 2nd project Rakesh & his family have undertaken, and they hope to do more! The feeling one gets in helping a child is hard to find anywhere else! We invite everyone to join us on a project or present an idea for one of your own like Rakesh. 

Our latest Newsletter is available now! See how your financial gifts have brought happiness to children that have so little of it.